KUTI #11

KUTI #11Spring 2009

This one features art from:
Sami Aho (Fin), Mari Ahokoivu (Fin), Yves Albrechts (Ned), Benjamin Bergman (Fin), Manuel Gomez Burns (Peru), Roope Eronen (Fin), Sam Gaskin (USA), Jurki Heikkinen (Fin), Lorelei Herrera (Fra), Jonna Hietala (Fin), Reijo Kärkkäinen (Fin), Tommi Musturi (Fin), Sami Myllyniemi (Fin), Jussi Paavilainen (Fin), Kaija Papu (Fin), Aapo Rapi (Fin), Ruppert & Mulot (Fra), Anna Sailamaa (Fin), Petteri Tikkanen (Fin), Åsa Grennvall (Swe), Frédéric Fleury (Fra) and Gunnar Lundkvist (Swe).


As usually, this comes with couple of articles, one about the Finnish comics scene in general, another one on the great Swedish artist Åsa Grennvall. Edition of 7000 pcs, cover by Roope Eronen.


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