KUTI #16

KUTI #16Summer 2010

*** OUT OF STOCK! ***

20 pages, in perfect order, in many colours and black and white. Featured artists:
Sami Aho (FIN), Marie-Pierre Brunel (FRA), Manuel Gomez Burns (PERU), Roope Eronen (FIN), Jyrki Heikkinen (FIN), Helmut Kaplan (AUT), Yong-Deuk Kwon (KOR), Raine Liimakka (FIN), Milla Paloniemi (FIN), Kari Sihvonen (FIN), Edda Strobl (AUT), Mikko Torvinen (FIN), Ville Vuorenmaa (FIN), Amanda Vähämäki (FIN), Mikko Väyrynen (FIN) & Emelie Östergren (SWE).

Features article on struggles of Finnish small press and a new column by mystic Vuorineuvos, who tries to answer to the questions of our readers. The articles are in Finnish. Sorry. We’ll from now on include this column whenever there’s need for it. Edition of 5000 pcs, cover by Mikko Väyrynen.

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