KUTI #17

KUTI #17Autumn 2010

It’s been bit rough times moneywise, but we managed to squeeze it together once again! Hooray!

Benjamin Bergman (FIN), Pakito Bolino (FRA), Shary Boyle (CAN), Malcy Duff (UK), Roope Eronen (FIN), Tom Gauld (UK), Jyrki Heikkinen (FIN), Bendik Kaltenborn (NOR), Kristoffer Kjolberg (NOR), Kamagurka & Herr Seele (BEL), Chris Magnusson (SWE), Tommi Musturi (FIN), Oskar Männikkö (SWE), Anders Nilsen (USA), Boris Peeters (NED), Kari Sihvonen (FIN), Amanda Vähämäki (FIN) & Emelie Östergren (SWE).

Includes an article on Belgian publishing collective 5C and an open letter from the best kept Finnish secret: Vuorineuvos! 24 pages, edition of 5000 pcs, cover by Tommi Musturi.

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