KUTI #31

KUTI #31Spring 2014

Artists of this issue:
Sami Aho (FIN), Benjamin Bergman (FIN), Roope Eronen (FIN), Anna Haifisch (GER), Joanna Hellgren (SWE), Tommi Musturi (FIN), Joseph Prendergast (UK), Heikki Rönkkö (FIN), Till Thomas (GER), Kari Sihvonen (FIN), Jari Vaara (FIN) and Amanda Vähämäki (FIN).

Cover by Heikki Rönkkö, 20 pages in total. Features an article on Yuichi Yokoyama’s recent book ‘Baby Boom‘ by Volker Zimmermann. Edited by Amanda Vähämäki. Edition of 7000 pcs.

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