KUTI #37

11986542_10152906736221330_3477432315070618783_nAutumn 2015 – Children’s issue

*** OUT OF STOCK! ***

KUTI#37 is about comics for kids. The 24-page issue contains a selection of comics made both by children and adults. Featuring: Sami Aho (FI), Mari Ahokoivu (FI), Ulf Bang Balslev (DK), Anna Fiske (NO), Hertta Hakkola (FI), Richard Jensen (DK), Otto Laakso (FI), Minka Laasonen (FI), Akvile Magicdust (LT), Sami Myllyniemi (FI), Sanni Myrén (FI), Aapo Rapi (FI), Hiski Rapi (FI), Hulda Rapi (FI), Onerva Reinola (FI), Johannes Rynö (FI), Paul Sainio (FI), Franz Suess (AT), Joni Tasa (FI), Nooa Tiainen (FI), Tuuva Tiainen (FI), Vilho Tiheäsalo (FI), Riitta Uusitalo (FI). Also included are an interview with Anna Fiske, illustrator and comic artist living in Norway, written by Reetta Niemelä and book reviews written by Aili Arias (age 6), Leonardo Arias (9), Akseli Simola (12), Sami Mäkisalo (11) and Ira Peltonen (13). Cover by Amanda Vähämäki. Edited by Tiina Lehikoinen & Pauliina Mäkelä. Layout by Pauliina Mäkelä. Edition of 6 000 pcs.

Read online or download here.

Though KUTI is a free magazine it needs subscribers. You can do that in here.

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