KUTI #38

KUTI38_Fabulas_panicasWinter 2015–2016

KUTI#38 – a special issue on Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Fábulas pánicas (Panic Fables) was curated by Juan Echeverry and translated into Finnish & English by Risto Tiittula & Nina Ödner. Layout by Benjamin Bergman, edited by Tommi Musturi. Includes 18 original Spanish pages printed as facsimile. It all comes with Finnish & English translations on the bottom of the pages and features articles on FP and Jodo himself by Juan Echeverry & Timo Raita. Edition of 5000 pcs.

Read it in Issuu here… or as a pdf in here.

Just to remind: though KUTI is a free contemporary comic newspaper, we’re still highly dependent on our subscribers. So, if you dig it you can HELP us making it happen by placing an order.


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