KUTI #39


Spring 2016

*** OUT OF STOCK! ***
Kuti#39 features 24 pages in colour with the following wild bunch: Fanny Ehnvall (FI), Chris Ellegaard (CH), Michael Enzbrunner (CA), Roope Eronen (FI), Jyrki Heikkinen (FI), Ville Kallio (FI), Tiina Lehikoinen (FI), Hanna-Pirita Lehkonen (FI), Mika Lietzen (FI), Mushbuh (US), Lauri Mäkimurto (FI), Jaakko Pallasvuo (FI), Milla Piiroinen (FI), René Rogge (DE), Kari Sihvonen (FI), Erik Solin (FI), Jana Vasiljević (BE) and Titas Vilkaitis (LT). Cover by Ville Kallio. Edited by Sami Aho & Ville Kallio. Layout by Benjamin Bergman. Edition of 5 000 pcs.

Read it in Issuu here… or as a pdf in here.

Though KUTI is a free magazine it needs subscribers. You can do that in here.

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