Tempora Mutantur exhibition on tour

tempora_uus_2The world tour of our 10-years anniversary exhibition Tempora Mutantur has ended. The tour started at Fumetto festival in Switzerland in April 2016 and by the end of 2018 the show was on view around Europe and Russia.

The tour has been supported by Frame Visual Art FinlandArts Promotion Centre Finland, GrafiaNordic Council of Ministers’ office in Latvia and Embassy of Finland in Moscow as well as by all the exhibition organizers all over – we thank! For more info please send us email.

Tempora Mutantur presents exclusive works from 53 contemporary Finnish comic artists. In Finland the exhibition has been shown at the comic festivals in Helsinki (2015) and Tampere (2016).

Past shows:

6.–24.4.2016 Fumetto Internationales Comix-Festival (Luzern, Switzerland)
27.4.– 21.5.2016 Cumulus (Geneva, Switzerland)
13.5.–12.6.2016 Floating art gallery NOASS (Riga, Latvia)
3.–19.6.2016 ZARYA Center for Contemporary Art (Vladivostok, Russia)
10.–29.6.2016 Oslo Comics Expo / Deichmanske bibliotek Grünerløkka (Oslo, Norway)
1.–31.7.2016 Mākslas telpa Mala (Cēsis, Latvia)
23.9.–9.10.2016 Boomfest (St. Petersburg, Russia)
30.9.–2.10.2016 Comicfestival Hamburg (Hamburg, Germany)
5.10.–5.11.2016 Mark Rothko Art Centre (Daugavpils, Latvia)
2.–6.11.2016 Krasnoyarsk Book Culture Fair (Krasnoyarsk, Russia)
2.12.2016–3.01.2017 Ventspils Galvenā bibliotēka (Ventspils, Latvia)
30.9.2016–29.1.2017  CentroCentro (Madrid, Spain)
17.12.2016–16.4.2017 Vendetta#4 / Friche la Belle de Mai (Marseille, France)
20.1.–8.2.2017 Gallery Prostranstvo (Murmansk, Russia)
25.–26.2.2017 Copenhagen Comics (Copenhagen, Denmark)
7.2.–10.3.2017 Preiļu Galvenā bibliotēka (Preiļi, Latvia)
30.3.–28.4.2017 Madonas novada bibliotēka (Madona, Latvia)
5.–21.4.2017 NCCA (Tomsk, Russia)
22.4.–4.5.2017 Lisbon Comics Library / Bedeteca de Lisboa (Lisbon, Portugal)
5.–6.5.2017 MiniZineFestPt & Free Comic Book Day (Porto, Portugal)
5. – 23.5.2017 Kaunas International Graphic Art Biennale / Kaunas Artists’ House (Kaunas, Lithuania)
18.5. – 4.6.2017 Yeltsin Center (Yekaterinburg, Russia)
10.6. – 9.7.2017 Center for Contemporary Culture Smena (Kazan, Russia)
18.7. – 18.8. Poligon (Cheboksary, Russia)
8.-22.11.2017 ArtEl (Novosibirsk, Russia)
22.–26.11.2017 PÖFF Shorts / Erinevate Tubade Klubi (Tallinn, Estonia)
5.–28.03.2018 State Scientific library (Novosibirsk, Russia)
7.–13.04.2018 KomMissia Comics Festival (Moscow, Russia)
28.9.-21.10.2018 Formula Bula (Point Éphémère, Paris, France)

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