KUTI #40

KUTI40_kansiKUTI #40 – Summer 2016

*** OUT OF STOCK! ***

Kuti’s Feminist Issue is out! Features the following artists:

B.Carrot (NL), Paula Bulling (DE), Vina Ćurčija (HR), Julie Delporte (FRA), Lisa Ewald (SE), Sophia Foster-Dimino (USA), Taina Hakala (FI), Sara Hansson (SE), Laura Keninš (CAN), Marlene Krause (DE), Verna Kuutti (FI), Hanna-Pirita Lehkonen (FI), Kaisa Leka (FI), Lilli Loge (DE), Viktoria Lomasko (RU), Raminta Maivyda (LT), Jesse Matilainen (FI), Apila Pepita Miettinen (FI), Anne Elisabeth Moore & Esther Pearl Watson (USA), Reetta Niemensivu (FI), Niko-Petteri Niva (FI), Aiju Salminen (FI), Martina Schradi (DE), Lotta Sjöberg (SE), Aino Sutinen (FI), Anni Laser Tolvane (FI), Marras Vedenoja (FI) and Grace Wilson (GB).

Co-edited by Johanna Rojola & Tuomas Tiainen with the Femicomix Finland collective. Cover by Emmi Valve and layout by Heikki Rönkkö. That’s an edition of 5 000 pcs so get your hands to it now before it runs out.

Read in Issuu here… or as a pdf in here.

Reminder: to support what we do you can subscribe here.

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