Kuti44_cover_bigKuti44 is a special issue of comics by senior citizens.

*** OUT OF STOCK! ***

The artists of this issue have worked in other fields most of their lives. One has worked as a bank official, another was a sailor, one was a bricklayer and another a housewife.

Quite many stated that they cannot draw, but we decided it doesn’t matter, they can make comics despite that feeling and tell the rest of us how they see the world; what are their views and how they want to express themselves.

Summer Kuti 2017 features artists (FI): Marita Isaksson, Olavi Heikkilä, Veijo Kauhanen, Anni Lehtonen, Seppo Lempinen, Anna Lybeck, Marja Nykänen, Sirkka Palmu, Vesa Pihlaja, Lena Salmi, Kaija Salonen, Unto Söderman, Aila Vuoria and Tapani Vänttinen.

Edited by Hannele richert, with cover by Anna Lybeck and layout by Benjamin Bergman. Assistant editor Tommi Musturi. Edition of 6 000 pcs.

Read it here or download yourself a free PDF.

AND we want to remind you dear readers that Kuti magazine is very dependent on subscribers – if you like what you see, please subscribe – 4 issues per year, 12€ in Finland, 20€ anywhere else.

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