*** OUT OF STOCK! ***

KUTI#46 is an open call -based issue with 48 pages featuring the following artists: Hatiye Garip (TR), Harukichi (JP), Julianna Hyrri (FI), Puntti Virveli (FI), Nikke Lindholm (FI), Lauri Mäkimurto (FI), Hans Nissen (FI), Jolanda Obleser (DE), Rafael Rodríguez (MX), Nataliya Shukhman (DE), Franz Suess (AT) and Cecilia Valagussa (BE).

This winter 2017/2018 issue was edited by Esko Heikkilä with layout by Benjamin Bergman and cover by Antti Kurvinen. Assistant editor Tommi Musturi. Edition of 6 500 pcs.

Read it for free in ISSUU or download a PDF.

Just to remind: to be able to do and publish Kuti we need YOU to SUBSCRIBE to Kuti. One year (4 issues) costs 12 eur in Finland or 20 eur abroad delivered to your home. That’s too cheap anyway so please SUBSCRIBE. We thank in advance!

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