Kuti51kansiThe spring of 2019 comes with KUTI#51!

This 56 pages long, open call-based issue features great comic artists from Finland and other countries: J.G. Foliveli (BE), Jose Gracia (ES), Chien-Yu Huang (TW), Richard Jensen (FI), Jari Johannes (FI), Eddie Karlsson (SE), Stephen Morton (IE), Jonatan Rosén (SE), Pablo Saulo (ES), Noah Van Sciver (US), Kari A. Sihvonen (FI), Xiyu Tomorrow (DE), Mikko Väyrynen (FI).

Edited and layout by Esko Heikkilä. Cover by Viivi Rintanen (FI). Edition of 6 000 copies.

Read it online or download yourself a free PDF here.

Kuti won’t survive without SUBSCRIBERS. One year (4 issues) costs 12 eur in Finland or 20 eur abroad delivered to your home. Subscsribe to Kuti in here.

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