Digital comics for sale at our webshop!

You can now get yourself your own digital copy of Benjamin Bergman’s Troll-on or Mari Ahokoivu’s That little devil collection at our Gumroad webshop! 

We’ll be adding more items in the shop soon, so stay tuned!


Benjamin Bergman: Troll-On

Maximum Troll-on is a compilation of Troll-on comics 1-4 that are universally understandable sans words. The body language of the characters and the acid-tripping weirdness of the art tell four different stories of two elves and their horse through emotion, experience and empathy. A heartening read regardless of age or anything other.

“Troll-on is a comic of two elves and a horse in various adventures that owe more to the Freak Brothers or the Blues Brothers than to the Lord of the Rings or the Game of Thrones or whatever it is.” -MMMNNNRRRG


Mari Ahokoivu: That Little Devil Collection of 2018-2019

That Little Devil is a little evil thing who loves pranks and mischief.

The collection of 2018-2019 strips include 20 strips, from witch seven are unpublished. The rest have been published on Goof! web magazine (

That Little Devil is a comic for kids of all ages.

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