The Digi-Kuti Exhibition open 3.–30.9.2020

The Digi-Kuti Exhibition is a virtual show that branches off the autumn issue of Kuti magazine. The artistic whole takes an adventure into graphic narratives in digital world.

The exhibition is open from 3rd until 30th of September 2020 in:

Exhibition artists: Benjamin Bergman (FI), Bogomil Bratoev (BUL), Roope Eronen (FI), Goto80 (SE), Esko Heikkilä (FI), Tero Heikkinen (FI), Jake Jellica (UK), Tiina Lehikoinen (FI), Ilan Manouach & Yannis Siglidis (GR), Ray Manta (AUS), Raquel Meyers (ES), Tommi Musturi (FI), and Joonas Rinta-Kanto (FI).

The Digi-Kuti Exhibition was made with help from Samuli Tanner, SWGBBO and Station of Commons. Compiling and curating by Tommi Musturi.

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