Prix de la BD Alternative 2021

The Thick Book of Kuti, the anthology of Kuti magazine, has been awarded ”Prix de la BD Alternative 2021”, that is the prize for best alternative comics by the prestigious Angouleme Comics Festival on Friday 29th of January, 2021.

The book presents a massive collection of contemporary comics in a 480-page ”telephone book” format, selected from the first 50 issues of the Kuti magazine. The anthology consists of a colourful range of republished Kuti comics from 2006—2018 and also new, formerly unpublished comics. The anthology was carefully edited by two Kutikuti members, comics artists Heikki Rönkkö and Tuomas Tiainen. The comics were drawn by 174 different authors.

The jury appreciated the formal quality of the book: its format, the layout, the cover photo, the choice of paper, the number of pages; and the variety of the content, including the presentation texts. ”The anthology acts as an important witness of the contemporary Scandinavian alternative comics scene. It also reflects the dynamism of Finnish comics, which since the 2005 winners, has been steadily growing, especially in the alternative scene. Despite the high quality of all 24 participants for 2021, and among the 5 favorite top titles, the jury decided to give the Alternative Comics award to Kuti, The Thick Book of Kuti.”

The publication of The Thick Book of Kuti was done in cooperation with Zum Teufel Publishing and it was supported by Taike and Frame Contemporary Finland. The Thick Book of Kuti can be ordered here: Subscribe to order the Kuti magazine from here:

Angoulême prize giving ceremony (Youtube)
Link to the KK press release (in Finnish)

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