Kuti#59 – Spring 2021

Kuti#59 is a migration-themed special issue dealing with migratory flows, experiences of migration, the construction of borders, multilingualism, minority status, cultural plurality or anything connected to forced and voluntary migration. Based on an international open call, and partly on invitations. Edited in cooperation with the project “Comics and Migration”.

The artists in this issue: Maryam “Mellu” Abuzaid-Ryu, Warda Ahmed, Bianca Casco, Donald, Mariá González Nácher, Ivanda Jansone, Mustafa Kamil, Ralf Kauranen, David Kerr, Janek Koza, Nicolas Krizan, Jade Lönnqvist, Mohammed, Salam, Aiju Salminen, Semyon Tiger, Yaseen.

The editors: Warda Ahmed, Ralf Kauranen, Olli Löytty, Aura Nikkilä, Hannele Richert, Johanna Rojola, Anna Vuorinne

Layout by Benjamin Bergman. Cover by Hayfaa Chalabi. Edition of 5 000 pcs.

Read it for free or download a PDF here.

And just to remind: to be able to do and publish Kuti we need subscribers. The magazines delivered to your place cost 14 eur in Finland or 22 eur abroad / a year (4 issues). SUBSCRIBE to KUTI in here.

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