Kuti#61 – Autumn 2021

The logic of an absurd story, put together from individual pearls. The issue based on international open call presents Ulyana Agban (RU), Stefan Hahn (DE), Andy Leuenberger (SW/DE), Barbora Müllerová (CZ), Niko-Petteri Niva (FI), Anastasia Titova (RU), Yi Wen (TW), and Wommol (NL). Cover by Anastasia Titova.

Editor-in-chief Hannele Richert, layout by Esko Heikkilä.

Print-run 5 000.

Read it online or download yourself a free PDF here.

Or subscribe to a printed version here: https://kutikutisf.wordpress.com/subscribe-kuti-magazine/

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