New Riso Zines & Exhibition “Ugly Hands” 1.-30.9.2022

A set of eight new riso zines by Kutikuti artists to be brought out at Helsinki Comics Festival 2022! The zines come with an exhibition “Ugly Hands” featuring the artists Amanda Vähämäki, Terhi Adler, Hannele Richert, Warda Ahmed, Esko Heikkilä, Ivanda Jansone, Hanneriina Moisseinen (+ Sanna Karlström), and Reetta Niemensivu. The exhibition is part of the festival program and runs until the end of September.

Welcome to the exhibition opening on Friday September 9th 7 pm – 10 pm in Sörkan Ruusu (Pääskylänrinne 3, Helsinki) – FB event here. During the evening, DJ Roope Eronen plays some records.

Place your zine order here: Turun sarjakuvakauppa
A set of eight zines 35 € / 5 € each

Terhi Adler: Unelmieni mies (The man of my dreams)

”These pills will knock you right out!”, said the pharmacist. (Language: Finnish)

Warda Ahmed: Hido iyo Daqan

Hido iyo Daqan is a risographic soul journey to the traditional dance and national sceneries in Somaliland.

Esko Heikkilä: En pääse ylös

The kids want to have fun, but are they having any?

Ivanda Jansone: Ugly Hands

Ugly Hands is a wordless, dreamlike and quirky tale. It starts as innocent shadowgraphy and takes an unexpected turn.

Hanneriina Moisseinen, Sanna Karlström: Kruunut putoavat

Crowns Falling is based on ethnographic and prisoner photographs by Julia Widgrén (1842-1917). Inspired by the photographs, the publication was composed and realised by Hanneriina Moisseinen, and the poems were written by Sanna Karlström. (Language: Finnish)

Reetta Niemensivu: Loves

Excerpts from a diary. What it feels to be 15 and madly in love.

Hannele Richert: The Attraction Leaves You Airborne

This booklet is a psychedelic journey through the rabbit hole with only a few words.

Amanda Vähämäki: Pullahiiri / Pastry Enthusiast

A hermit poem. You can’t go back but you can get out of some places. 

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