The winter issue of Kuti magazine emerged from the current state of the world. The Kuti#66 editorial team wanted to create space for imagining peace in the midst of war speech and militarism becoming the new normal. The magazine received a great amount of beautiful artworks from artists all over the world that could have filled the pages of several Kuti issues. The comics that were chosen to be published create together a narrative that deals with war trauma, unexpected encounters that make a change, asylums and search for peace of mind.

The artists in this issue: Maarten Klein, Jan Krusinski, Piotr Harmacinski, Rosa Haikarainen, Ona Kvašyte, Camilo Aguirre, Kim Elvira, Gregor Hinz, Juha Koivusalo, Darja Apahontšitš, Kalle Landegren, and Nicklas Johnson. Cover by Lilja Matvejeva.

This issue was edited by Kutikuti members, comics artists Sanna Hukkanen and Väinö Sirén, assisted by journalist, producer Kerttu Matinpuro. Layout by Väinö Sirén.

Edition of 5 000.

Read it free online or download yourself a PDF.

If you wish to support our work, the best way to do it, is to subscribe to the paper version of Kuti magazine.

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