Pentti Otsamo

Pentti Otsamo by Otto Otsamo.jpeg

Photo by Otto Otsamo

Pentti obtained a MA at Helsinki’s University of Industrial Arts in 1996 and has been working as a graphic designer, illustrator, and comic artist ever since. He has been creating comics and illustrations for so long he feels they are a part of his identity. Pentti believes in the prevalence of story over style, and thinks that if there is no substance to the story, the art becomes boring and trivial no matter how skillfully it is done. As a child he read an article about Belgian comic artist François Craenhals, whom he greatly admired. However, in the article Craenhals was incorrectly reported as being only five years older than Pentti at the time, which motivated him to practise drawing. Even when he found out it had been a mistake, he never stopped.