Tommi Musturi

Tommi Musturi.jpg

Photo by Gert Jan Pos

One of founders of Kutikuti and renowned cartoonist, Tommi has been part of the Finnish comics scene for quite some time, and he has witnessed many changes along the way. While comics are now a recognized art form, the difficulties of making a living as a comic artists still persist, and creativity alone is not enough to succeed in the global market. In a context where art is increasingly commercial, Tommi tries to focus on his own work and the unexplored potential of comics. Tommi strongly believes that art and culture are the foundations of society and he sees artists as outsiders trying to communicate their perception of what they witness and feel. Famous for his wordless comics that force the reader to think, he likes to play with actions, colors, and atmosphere and explore open endings. After many years of living in Helsinki he has now moved to Tampere, where he likes to go fishing once a week to clear his head.